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National Iranian Oil Company
Iranian Gas Engineering and Development   (N.I.G.C.E.N.G)
Shazand Petrochemical Company   (A.R.O.K)
Tabriz Oil refining Company   (TBZREFINERY)
Esfahan Steel Company   (E.S.CO)
Bandar abas Oil Refinery   (B.A.O.R.C.O)
Lavan Oil Refinery company   (L.O.R.C)
Petroleum Engineering & Development Company   (P.E.D.E.C)
Pars Oil and Gas Company   (P.O.G.C)
Abadan Petrochemical Co.   (ABADAN-PETRO)
South Pars Gas Complex   (S.P.G.C)
Manufacturing Support and Procurement KALANAFT Tehran   (KALANAFT)
Iranian Offshore Oil Company   (I.O.O.C)
National Iranian Gas Company   (N.I.G.C)
Iranian Oil Pipeline and Telecommunication Company   (I.O.P.T.C)
Iranian Oil Terminals Company   (I.O.T.C.O)
Iranian Central Oil Fields Co.   (I.C.O.F.C)
National Iranian Drilling company   (N.I.D.C)
National Iranain  South Oil Company   (N.I.S.O.C)
Khorasan Petrochemical Co.   (KH.P.C)

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