Engineering and production unit

The production unit of Dibagran Process Engineering Company was established in 2012 in a land area of 3500 square meters with suitable equipment and facilities for the production of parts. This unit gave permission to the mechanics and chemistry laboratory and explained its goals as follows:

– Designing and manufacturing oil, gas and petrochemical equipment
– Production of Thermowell up to class 1000 with different alloys
-Manufacturing Manifold Valve one to five valves with pressure and different alloys
-Production of By Pass Level Gauge & Transmitter
– Production of Seal pot (sample cylinder) with different alloys up to 300 bar pressure
– Production of Thermocouple, RTD, PT100 in different ranges and alloys
Orifice plate production
– Production of smart meters
– Production of all types of data loggers
– Reverse engineering and manufacturing parts and equipment needed in industries