Thermowell is used to protect the temperature sensor against the harsh conditions of the process and the possibility of removing the sensor from its place without stopping the process. Although at first glance, Thermowell seems to be a simple device, but its proper selection requires the determination of several parameters.
The parameters, each of which should be specially selected, to have the least adverse effect on the accuracy of the measurement, the least need for repair and maintenance, and as a result, reducing and eliminating the risk of damage to the Thermowell.

What is thermowell?
Thermowell is a tubular connection that acts as a barrier between the process fluid and the temperature sensor. In this way, it is installed in the process line and is placed in contact with the fluid inside the pipe. Then the temperature sensor is placed inside the Thermowell and is closed with a screw and fixed in place. Connecting Thermowell to the pipeline is done by one of three methods: flange, screw or welding. But the connection of temperature sensor to Thermowell is always screw. The shape of the Thermowell body can be straight, stepped or conical.

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