Pressure transmitter

What is a pressure transmitter?
Pressure transmitter or “pressure transmitter” is a device used to receive, convert and send pressure signals in fluid transmission systems. In addition to determining the pressure of different fluids such as gas, liquid, air and oil, this device provides the possibility of measuring other important industrial quantities such as flow, surface, density, weight and temperature. In other words, in many cases, the signal sent by the transmitter is used as a basis for measuring other physical quantities.
What is the application of pressure transmitter?
In general, the pressure transmitter is used for the following applications:

• Monitoring the pressure difference and operating pressure of all types of industrial pumps and compressors
• Pressure control and measurement for quality control in the manufacturing process of industrial machines and ensuring the proper functioning of the equipment
• Checking pressure in oil and gas well drilling operations
Monitoring the performance of turbines, transmission lines, control valves, etc. in power plants

• Checking and controlling the pressure of large pumps used to transfer water and sewage in the urban service distribution network
Monitoring the pressure of pumps used to transfer viscous and semi-solid fluids in food and beverage processing plants.
• Checking the pressure of corrosive chemical fluids in pumps used in chemical and petrochemical factories
• Controlling the slurry transfer process in mining and construction projects
• Proper pressure measurement in paper mills during pulp preparation process
• Monitoring the pressure of the transfer systems of fine particles and powders used in pharmaceutical factories
• Controlling and adjusting the pressure of equipment used in cooling and heating facilities

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