Smart meters made by Difaco

The ability to connect to all types of flowmeters

. The design conforms to the standards of the smart water meter
. Designed in sizes from 2 to 8 inches
. IP65 degree of protection
. Low consumption design to operate with a battery for three years (current consumption of a few microamps)
. It has the standard of protection against noise radiation (EMC), protection against HV shock voltage and protection against voltage fluctuations
. Quotation capability with smart card and use of one meter for several subscribers
. It has an internal modem and antenna
. Ability to disconnect / connect automatically by the meter
. It has a display for the user with the ability to display the consumption profile, modem performance status, tap status, time and date display, battery charge, withdrawal volume display, withdrawal quota, instantaneous flow rate display, meter serial display, user number, current card number Download, display the time and date, display the battery charge level, disconnected/connected status, pump contact status, antenna status and internet connection.
. The ability to connect to the solar panel system for battery type meters (diesel)



A collection of smart meters
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